Dragoness Caron Lyon

Caron has been self-employed since 1996 operating under several self perpetuated brands, COG Productions, PCM Creative Media, PCM Projects and most recently established, The Social Media Womble.

Caron specialises in:

* Organic Audience Development for Arts, Media, Tourism & Heritage professionals.
* Audience sustainability and active legacy networking
* Using Twitter for events
* Community Network building
* Social Media real time feeds

Caron worked as a theatre stagemanager throughout the UK before retraining as a web designer and developer in 2003. In 2006, As she realised she was not a designer or a happy coder, social media emerged and slowly the realisation hit that being a stage manager, resource provider and projects manager was harder to escape than she first thought. She is an accomplished event specialist with an expertise in social media. Caron now provides digital resources and the hands-on training to use them effectively.

In 2010 Caron joined forces with video blogger and brand advocate, Phil Campbell and set up Cellar54 an HD community web studio and ‘on the ground’ real time event team. Along with Daniel Rose, Fine Artist and digital artwork they formed a virtual agency for collaborators in 2013 “The League of Extraordinary Online Talent”

From creating social networks for Arts Council England’s Amb:IT:ion program, The Federation of Entertainment Unions and Pilot Theatre’s Shift Happens conferences, live streaming interactive coverage for Architects Journal and Audiences Europe, to Twitter ‘conversation curation’, audience engagement and event support, building active digital presence are the common theme.

In 2012 she was an organising partner for TEDxLaceMarket, an event which produced a 97% turn out.

As a consultant she provides the knowledge, reputation management, guidance and training organisation and company decision makers need to make media, connect and talk across the web in real time to their audience. Her Monica, “who is looking after you” program takes professional at all levels of IT understanding making the web work for them.

This Dragoness has worked and thrived in male dominated industries successfully, confident that being a woman is an asset not a hindrance. For a start-up Caron can offer social media foundation advise to get a business established on-line creating a valuable asset and unified communications structure as the business establishes itself for a sustainable digital future.


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