Here’s what people have said about the Women Mean Business events and business course:

Bettina Wallace: “WMB was a most exciting course. It allowed me to aim higher than previously I had done. Loved the training, and all the planned events which came out of it.
The launch was fantastic, the Dragoness Den was fantabulous, inspirational and mind blowing. The Dragoness gave constructive and positive comments to the women who pitched their ideas. Through this I was offered an amazing opportunity. Thank you Bright Ideas.”

Raisa Mcleary Francis: “I enjoyed the Women Mean Business course, as it catered for women of all walks of life. It was presented by strong business women of whom had real life experiences. In turn they gave an atmosphere of aspiration. Any questions were answered. The experiences and opportunity to meet people gave me a boost in socialising and being ready to mingle with inspirational people and like-minded people. The Dragonesses’ Den flipped the lid off my insecurities of who I am and my products and made me realise that what I have to offer is interesting and others will buy it. Wow, this experience, the course, and the leaders came into my life at the right time. At this time in my life its uplifting knowing that Bright Ideas shone brightly and inspirationally. I never failed to turn up to a class, my motivation was attending and enjoying the presence of people within the group. Thank you, I won’t hesitate to attend Bright Ideas courses and events.”

Dori Kirchmair: “After the Dragonesses’ Den – which was an excellent event and opportunity to end the Women Mean Business course! – I got in touch with the six Dragonesses to ask if they would give me an opportunity to read my ‘Resonance’ story to them and let me have their advice. Three of the Dragonesses kindly arranged to meet with me. So I met with Audra, who gave me a very interesting and helpful session on how to take my work further and look at some things in more detail (e.g. my website), then I met with Caron, who I also had a very inspiring chat with. She did a video interview and audio recording of my ‘Resonance’ story with me so that I can get more presence on the web. This Thursday I will be meeting with Kathy.

I found both Caron and Audra’s input brilliant and invaluable and I feel it really gives you that vital professional support (and mentoring) following on from the business course to then make things really happen. After the course you are so full of inspiration, ideas, positive input, learning and networking. The Dragonesses’ Den gives a fantastic opportunity to put your ideas together and present them and get feed-back. To then also receive some invaluable support from the Dragonesses out there in the business world makes the whole business start up real for me – I feel altogether it creates a very powerful and excellent package. Thank you – I am grateful I had the opportunity to benefit from this. ”  (

Dionne: “I have enjoyed all your events.  I have met professional people who have inspired me.  Your events are always professionally organised and bring people together to share advice and skills.   My favourite, a few Feel Good Nottingham, An Audience with Oona King, An Audience with Professor Whittaker, Women Mean Business and Dragonesses’ Den. I vote your organisation the No.1 Event Organisers in Nottingham bringing the community together for health, education and entrepreneurship.  Love and Respect.”

Feedback from The Launch:

“Loved the ‘spiritual energy’ that you don’t get at other business events / networks.”

“Glad I attended today, I was very inspired!”

“Glad I came. It was very informative.”

“Thank you for inspiring me as a young woman!”

“We should do more of these events and support one another.”

“Thank you for the inspiration! I think an event like this would be very useful for schools as well.”

“Inspirational, informative, little more confidence, never to late”

“Just excellent”

“I enjoyed the evening, was helpful and informative”

“Thank you very much, another successful evening!! Than you to all your inspiring speakers”

“Really inspiring. Thank you so so much. We can do it!!”

“Very inspiring – priceless”

“Loved the event – great panel & really nice audience. Very inspiring & encouraging & empowering.”


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