Women Into Politics

Did you know…


‘The UK is now placed 50th out of 188 countries world wide in the national league table of women’s representation in Parliament and 12th out of 27 countries in the European Union.’


  • ’22.2 per cent members of parliament are women (source Parliament website as at March 2011)
  • 1.2 per cent of MPs are Black, Asian and minority ethnic women (Data on the ethnicity of Members of Parliament is not routinely collected. This figure is based on information in the public domain)
  • 30.8 per cent of local councillors in England are women (source National Census of Local Authority Councillors 2008)
  • 0.8 per cent of local councillors in England are Black, Asian and minority ethnic women (source National Census of Local Authority Councillors 2008)’http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/equalities/women/womens-representation/


In order to challenge this and support women to take their first steps into politics, the Workers’ Educational Association is developing a new learning campaign and opportunities entitled ’Women into Politics’ or WIP.   It does what is says on the tin and will focus on raising awareness of ways to affect change locally and nationally, different ways to engage with the political process, and advice on how to get involved for women who would like to one day stand as local councillors, MPs, or in other active political roles.


Working in partnership with other third sector organisations, the WEA has run a successful Women’s Learning Programme for many years.  Most recently, we have used a successful model of inviting inspirational women speakers to present at informal workshops and events in previous projects such as the LILI project ‘women leading for a change’, http://vimeo.com/38211952, and we are now seeking to develop this model to engage and support women into politics.


The WEA East Midlands Region has the curriculum lead for Women’s Learning Progamme development within the WEA national association and is pleased to be taking the lead in this new campaign to challenge the under representation of women in politics today –  and we hope you will join us!


If you are interested in getting involved in this learning campaign as a learner, a guest speaker, a tutor, organiser, general supporter or any of above, please complete this very short survey to record your interest: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Women_Into_Politics

To find out more, as well as see blog updates, visit:



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