Article on the value of women-focused networking events

Please click on the link to read the full article.

“Women run around 35pc of SMEs in the UK. Female-only events are generally easier to network in for women and the tone in the room – while lighter in general – is not necessarily lighter in content. Why feel uncomfortable when networking? Life and business is tough and if you can get the same sort of information while enjoying the ambience around you then who in their right mind would choose otherwise, she said – and I agree.

Also, women enjoy speaking at women-only events for the simple reason that they often offer a very receptive audience. Sharing experiences, strengths and hopes (and failures) with a group of people who may then go on with inspiration to create or run great businesses makes many of us feel like we are doing some good.

Add to that the fact that in running a business, you rarely hear a thank you or ‘great job’ as a boss. It’s genuinely fantastic to share your business stories, get a positive response and receive genuine feedback from a room full of interesting women.

A woman’s most powerful tool (or one of them) is her ability to network and enjoy it. Never underestimate the desire and predisposition of a business woman to help another, regardless of stature, and that unconditional support is something women, arguably, do much better than men.

So yes – there’s everything to gain by spending a morning in the company of business women irrespective of experience, stature.”


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