Women Mean Business Events Team Training!

The Women Mean Business events team training has started this week.

Today the women are learning how to blog! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Women Mean Business Events Team Training!

  1. i think we’re all getting the hang of it 🙂

  2. Day 2 of the course has been really informative and interesting so far and have enjoyed doing a bit of blogging!

  3. learning and enjoying the blogging session.

  4. First blog entry made! This is my second one. Now there’s no stopping me! :p

  5. The course so far has been interactive and inspiring.

  6. Its day two of our training and we are blogging, it’s exciting! 🙂

  7. Having to get our thinking caps on as some of it is a challenge but in a good way!

  8. E T the course is brilliant so far cant wait for the next one

  9. BLOGGING!!!!! Hiya women 😀

  10. Hi Day 2 of training feeling really positive and also able to bring some of my skills I have learnt over the past year into this training Great !!! I am so excited for this WMB event : )

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